Daimler boss kallenius: less workplaces after switching to electric

Daimler boss kallenius: less workplaces after switching to electric

The transformation of the car manufacturer Daimler from internal combustion engines towards the electromobility will cost the Stuttgart Group after the drawing of his chief Ola Kallenius workstation. "You also have to be honest with the people: the assembly of an internal combustion engine brings more work as the construction of an electrician", said Kallenius the World on Sunday. "Even if we have been building the complete electric powertrain itself, we will end the decade of fewer people." But there are also new, high-quality jobs in the course of the changeover.

Daimler had recently set up significantly more ambitious goals for the breakthrough of his own e-fleet and for the car trunk brand Mercedes-Benz in the core also the early farewell beyond the internal combustion engine. Under the guiding term "Electric Only" The whole Mercedes business should be designed for electric driving. Already in 2025, the Swabians want to achieve around 50 percent of their new sales with fully electric or plug-in cars – twice as much as planned.

No alternative to the battery electric drive

There is no alternative to the battery electric drive after the Daimler works council. "You can not swim against the current when the whole world is pushing the battery electric drive", said employee representative Michael Brecht. However, there are also doubts in the workforce at the pure electrical price of the Group and the upcoming from the internal combustion engine. "Some colleagues still believe that we could continue for a while."

So far, Daimler deserves that with a distance from most money with common combustion cars, so petrol or diesel vehicles. The number of fully electric cars sold in the first half of the year was just about 3 percent of all delivered cars, added a slightly high proportion of hybrid cars. However, the industry expects – even in the face of political specifications – in the next few years with rapidly growing sales rates for e-cars.

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