Cross platform framework: frubbucherrabatt for the qt 2021

Cross platform framework: frubbucherrabatt for the qt 2021

The BetterCode () QT 2021 offers on 23. June a day with submission to QT 6. The new major version of the cross-platform framework brings basic amendments to architecture. There are numerous new opportunities. However, the migration of projects is not trivial, as the mid-May published QT 6.1 not yet all features of QT 5.X brings.

The heise developer, ix and dot.publisher Established BetterCode () QT 2021 gives answer to the questions about the first major release for eight years: What is one of the 3D graphics and what the container classes. How to extend qt 6 the string processing? In addition, she wants to switch to QT 5.X to help Qt 6 and tries to give a decision-making aid when and how a migration of projects makes sense. In addition, the licensing is in focus both under Open Source and Commercial License.

3D graphics, migration and string processing

Among other things, the conference program deals with the following topics:

  • String processing in Qt 6: More efficient, compatible, expressive
  • Advanced 3D With QT
  • Container Classes in Qt 5 6
  • KDES Way to Qt 6 – Strategies and Lessons Learned
  • Licensing of QT: Foss and commercial licenses
Cross platform framework: frubbucherrabatt for the qt 2021

Lars Knoll

Open the online conference of the Chief Maintainer of the QT project and CTO of the QT Company Lars Knoll. He will report in his keynote about the goals in the development of QT 6 and a view of the releases from Qt 6.Give 2.

Tickets for the conference are still up to 8. June to the FRuHBAU prize of 149 Euro (all prices plus. 19% VAT.) Consistent. On the 7. July also takes place a half-year-old workshop, which are practiced in the migration of QT 5.X should help on QT 6. The price for the workshop amounts to 249 euros.

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