Continuous lifecycle 2020-21: eight video packages with delicate expert know-how

Continuous lifecycle 2020-21: eight video packages with delicate expert know-how

At a total of eight-day days of the heise developer, ix and dot.publisher At the end of 2020 and in the spring of the year 2021, sister conferences organized Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf Depth insights, know-how and practical knowledge around Continuous Delivery, Devops, Containerization and Cloud Native. Anyone who missed the live performances of the numerous experts and experts can now secure the records of all 61 forwards – individually or in the package.

Continuous Delivery, Devops and Container Techniques

Among others, the program covers the most important tools and techniques in the Kubernetes universe, the benefits of service meshes and how to properly use them, the entry and experience of gitops as well as best practices around monitoring and observability. The focus will be in addition to continuous testing and suitable test frameworks as well as CI / CD pipelines and the basic questions about the Uustrational Topic Security.

The video-on-demand packages are now available – depending on the number of presented presentation – for the price of 59.95 euros or 69.95 euros available:

  • Kubernetes Professionals Day
  • Continuous Delivery Day
  • Container Deep Dive
  • Kubernetes Experts Day
  • Cloud Native Day
  • Continuous Testing Day 2021
  • Monitoring and Observability Day 2021

Eight topic days with more than 60

More details about the 60 individual trials are interested in the eight topic pages to Kubernetes Professionals Day, Kubernetes Experts Day, Continuous Delivery Day, Container Deep Dive, Cloud Native Day, Dev (SEC) OPS Day, Continuous Testing Day and Monitoring and Observability Day.

The presentation of the Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf 2020/21 are now available as video packages for sale and can be streamed at any time after the acquisition. The single purchase of the respective forward carrier is also possible, for the price of 9.95 euros each.

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