Christie’s auctioned purely digital artwork and accepts crypto food

Christie's auctioned purely digital artwork and accepts crypto food's auctioned purely digital artwork and accepts crypto food's versteigert rein digitales kunstwerk und akzeptiert kryptowahrung

The London Auction House Christie’s accepts for the first time for auction the payment in a cryptography. Interested parties can also pay the highest offer for the "Everdays: The First 5000 Days" plant also in the crypto food ether of the network Etherum. The opening requirement amounts to 100 US dollars.

The artwork, from 25. February to 11. Marz 2021 stands for the online action, consists of 21.069 × 21.069 pixels, even as the possible payment is only digitally existent; That’s just a premiere for Christie’s. The authenticity and uniqueness of the factory should be a non-fungible token (NFT). The NFT concept comes from special tokens working on the etherum blockchain. It became popular for the first time in 2017, when the start-up axiom zen for the entertainment title Cryptokitties allowed users to breed and swap virtual cats.

5000 days, 5000 motifs

"Everydays: The First 5000 Days" consists of 5000 motifs, which have the digital artist Mike Winkelmann occurring under the name Beeple since 1. May 2007 to 7. January 2021 has created every day. The individual motifs are arranged in loose chronological order. They show "abstract, fantastic, grotesque and absurd images as well as current events and deeply personal moments" as it is in the factory description. In the individual pictures, among other things, it is about obsession and fear of society in front of technology, the desire for and resentment against wealth and the youngest political events in the US.

So far, BeEples works were sold on blockchain-based market jobs. In December 2020, the factory "The Complete Mf Collection", which consists of 20 stuck, scored 3.5 million US dollars, said Christie’s.

The auction house accepted for the payment only ether from a digital fines stored at ConBase Custody Trust, Fidelity Digital Assets Services, Gemini Trust or Paxos Trust Company. Etherum is the second degrees crypto network after Bitcoin.

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