Bnd should be up to 50 percent of all networks worldwide

Bnd should be up to 50 percent of all networks worldwide

Federal Assessment Service (BND) should continue to raise and evaluate personal data in coarse style with technical means of personal data from foreign countries abroad. However, this suspicion-independent strategic telecommunications list is clossed for new specifications and controlled strictly. Global and flat rate should the BND not spy on.

This is apparent from a draft speaker of the Federal Chancellery to the amendment to the BND law, network policy.Oil has published. Thus, the most important powers of the foreign secure service are to be adapted in particular to the requirements of the judgment of the Federal Results Court of May.

The mass monitoring abroad "Current findings in real time" and is therefore indispensable, says the Chancellery. It should continue to be permissible only on the basis of selectors, such as connection identifiers, signatures of transmissions, geographic areas, content search terms or a telecommunications network of a closed user group.

"Less intervention than in individual monitoring"

Strategic monitoring are lower than the individual, says the Federal Chancellery. They only refer to data streams, "their fertility in detail is unpredictable". Even if they were directed to the monitoring of individual persons with formal search terms, they are less targeted and not complete. Therefore, a small fraction of the nationwide and worldwide networks are recognized by the BND.

In doing so, the BND is to maximize a maximum of 50 percent of all existing telecommunications networks worldwide; Previously, it was 20 percent. However, this specification was only fitted on classical telephone networks, not on the Internet, had warned Klaus Landefeld, Supervisory Board at the operator company of the Frankfurt Network Node Decix, warned in the Bundestag NSA Investigating Committee. The providers put their lines so that they usually only occupy 30 or 40 percent. With the aged 20 percent, one ended practically at 50 to 60 percent of the total transit.

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