Apple offnet all shop in the usa

Apple offnet all shop in the usa

For the first time since Marz 2020, Apple reaffirmed all 270 of his shops in the United States of America. The Group does this despite the fact that there are still high coronavirus incidences in the country in some states. The currently running in the United States against COVID-19 is significantly more successful than those in many European countries – including Germany – a vaccination of the population is far from being reached.

Partly only with quick sale

The iPhone manufacturer does not lead to the retail stores in his home "Business as usual" by. Instead, there are still restrictions in many regions, which drove, for example, that only shopping via Click Collect and services (the apples "Genius Bar" are completed) are possible. For this purpose, conversions were carried out in the stores to better disconnect customers. Nevertheless, at no time before the last spring year all 270 loading in the US were open, like 9TO5MAC reported.

Apple has its own system

Apple had his shop in the US at 1. Marz 2020 Closed for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rehearsals were made from the 11. May – under often strict hygiene pads. The summer stores were then partially closed again and later soffnet – partly even several times. The Group uses its own corona warning system. The last shop, which recording the business business in the current period, were in Texas – more precisely in the regions Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. There was opened on Monday.

Click Collect in Germany

In Germany, Apple has begun since mid-February again to sell directly to customers from his funfteen shops. Here you first shop in the Apple Store app or on the web and then gets a pick-up appointment. Furthermore, you can bring your hardware to the Genius bar, receive support and pick up repairs again, which was partly not possible about weeks. Depending on the store there are own pick-up areas in the shop itself or the transfer of shopping takes place before the shop. This can be seen at the online purchase.

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