Apple: free airpods for students when buying mac or ipad

With a promotion, Apple wants to continue to boost the business in the educational market for the nearby winter semester 2020/21. When buying a Mac or iPad together with AirPods, the manufacturer has a promotion discount in a high of 174.45 euros. This covers the Apple Prize of the Base Model of True Wireless Earhorer (AirPods 2 with Lade Case) complete, if a more expensive variant like AirPods Pro is required.

Promotion for Mac or iPad purchase

Apple: free airpods for students when buying mac or ipad

For the first time, Apple Airpods uses the promotion for the promotion.

The offer is only aimed at university students whose parents and employees of educational institutions in Germany. It applies to the purchase of a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air 2020, iMac or IMAC Pro and is closing all configurations (Configure to Order, CTO). Mac Mini and Mac Pro remain excluded from the action, as well as the MacBook Air 2019, which Apple still leads for the educational market in the portfolio. With the iPad purchase, there is the AirPods action discount only when purchasing an iPad Pro or iPad Air.

The purchase of the equipment can be done in the Apple Store Education or a shop of the Group, for students there are discounts there on Macs and iPads. Apple Pencil and Keyboard are also too "Educational prices" offered, so the company. On the optional additional insurance Apple Care +, students also receive 20 percent discount. The student status must be proven in online orders on the provider unidays, also a certificate is required on site. The promotion runs from 9. July to 29. October 2020.

AirPods for the first time locking

It is the first time that Apple uses the popular airpods as a draft horse during its quorum promotion for educational customers. In recent years, there was the addition beats-headhortry and previously iTunes vouchers. Students should be well compared prior to a purchase, but Macs, iPads and Airpods are performed in free trade partly far below the manufacturer’s prices.

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