Altmaier expects around 14 million electric cars until 2030

Altmaier expects around 14 million electric cars until 2030

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier expects that until 2030 significantly more electric cars on the straws in Germany ride as previously paced. "I ame that the number of electric vehicles in Germany in 2030 will be a tremendous amount up to 40 percent high as previously thought", said the CDU politician of Augsburger general. He referred to new calculations commissioned by the Federal Government.

So far, the federal government had expected € 7 million to 10 million approved electric cars by 2030. According to those skilled in the art, about 14 million battery-powered cars 2030 could be required to reach the climate goals in traffic. "What we are experiencing right now is a very rapid change towards sustainable mobility", said Altmaier.

The proportion of new cars, which can use electricity as an energy carrier, continues to increase strongly. In the first six months of this year, 163.571 Plug-in hybrids and 148.716 battery electrical cars for the first time in Germany approved. To classify: Overall, in this period 1.390.889 new cars sold. Of that had 314.491 A diesel engine. In April 2021, plug-in hybrids and electric cars were set in total for the first time before the self-religious. This trend stops.

The most important E-cars

Altmaier expects around 14 million electric cars until 2030

Audi q4 e-tron peak power 125 – 220 kW continuous power 70 or. 77 kW battery capacity gross 55 kWh (Q4 E-TRON 35) or. 82 kWh max. Charge power DC 100 kW (Q4 E-TRON 35) or. 125 kW (at certain ionity charging points) max. Charging power AC 7.2 kW (E-TRON 35) or. 11 kW range (WLTP) 306 km (E-TRON 35 min.) To 520 km (E-Tron 40 max.) Electricity consumption (WLTP combined) 17.0 (E-TRON 35 min.) Up to 20.1 kWh / 100 km (e-tron 40 max.) Highest speed: 160 (E-TRON 35) or. 180 km / h trunk volume: 520 – 1490 liter basic prices (gross, status: July 2021): 41.900 to 53.600 euros

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