Action camera gopro becomes the webcam

Action camera gopro becomes the webcam

The US camera manufacturer Gopro builds the functions of his action cameras: Users can use their GoPro in conjunction with a desktop computer as a webcam for videoconferencing and live streaming.

The coarse image angle and the possibility of positioning the gopro flexibly, it should allow videoconferencing away from the desk, so the manufacturer.

Mac version as beta, Windows support in work

For the time being, this only works in interaction with a Mac: The GoPro Webcam Beta is in a first pre-release for MacOS, a Windows version is still in development. Also on the GoPro camera, a beta firmware must be installed to get the new webcam function, here is only the HERO 8 black is supported so far. "Possible future models" should also serve as a webcam. After the update, the camera must be connected to the Mac via USB and then serves as 1080P or 720P webcam. A wireless connection is not possible.

In contrast to the Mac integration of Canon EOS series, the HERO 8 black should not be disrupted on video conferencing in the browser, but also the desktop versions of among others Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Goto Meeting as well as Apple FaceTime support, as Gopro emphasized. WebEx and YouTube-Live can be used in the browser Google Chrome with the webcam.

The field of view is not adapted for the time being, Gopro notes, so the webcam was allowed to provide for the typical fish eye effect. But in the future you want to make sure another "digital lens" to eliminate, so the camera manufacturer.

Fujifilm delivers webcam software for Macs

Apples in the Dunnen Display Lid of MacBooks integrated webcam is supported even in the latest and top models a maximum of 720p, also the image quality has long for criticism. Using a digital mirror reflex camera or action camera, users receive a significantly better option than webcam. According to Canon, Fujifilm has published his webcam software for MacOS, which supports cameras of the X and GFX series – but only for video services in the browser.

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