Trucks can now go to overhead lines through the murgtal

Trucks can now go to overhead lines through the murgtal

Trucks with electricity brackets can now be pulled by the Murg Valley at Rastatt on Oberlitungen driving current. There, the Baden-Wurttemberg International Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann and the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Environment Ministry Rita Schwarzeluh-Sutter inaugurated about 18 kilometers long pilot route on the B 462. The test should last three years and is scientifically accompanied under the direction of the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research.

"It’s natural to make more traffic on the rail – also a challenge that stabs some places to your limits", Said black log snorm loud message. "We therefore need both: expansion of the rail and climate-friendly solutions for the strain."

In the EwayBW project, the operation of overhead hybrid trucks should be tested for real estate close to expand previous findings. It is mainly about examining aspects of energy supply as well as impact on larm, air pollutants and strain planning.

510.000 tons of paper

The B 462 in the Murg valley was chosen for the pilot project, because on the route for 9510.000 tonnes of paper the whole week round around the clock of three paper manufacturers in Obertsrot in a logistics center in Kupenheim in the Rhine Valley. Calculates that the overhead trucks are around 250.To refuse 000 kilometers to the overhead lines.

The project costs about 28 million euros. This includes planning, construction and operation as well as the scientific accompanying research. 26.4 million euros of this, the Federal Environment Ministry with the Requirement "Renewable mobile". Daimler had announced in the Marz of this year to send an electric truck to the B 462 on a comparison with the overhead line.

In total, the Ministry of the Environment calls up to 2024 sections: In addition to Ewaybw in Hesse, since almost a year with five so many hybrid trucks have been planned as originally planned. Since January 2020, on the upper line test trail in Schleswig-Holstein test hazards.

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