Northlander want to expand hydrogen

Northlander want to expand hydrogen

North German Landers want to further expand the renewable energy and in particular hydrogen technology. On the way to climate-neutral energy use, all of North Germany has the gross potential to become a competence region, said Minister Presenter Manuela Schwesig (SPD) on Thursday to conclude a conference of the Funf North Prime Ministers in Laage South Rostocks. The central goal must be to develop hydrogen technology for marketability so that industry can produce climate-neutral.

For this purpose, the North Lander had developed a hydrogen strategy, said Schnigig. Thus, in the industrial site of Northern Germany, workplaces should be secured and created as well as new settlements are generated. "We are against climate change, but we want to use the energy transition as a chance for the north", Extended Lower Saxony Minister Prosident Stephan Weil (SPD).

Nordic cooperation for climate protection

Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister Prosident Daniel Gunther (CDU) stressed the close cooperation under the North countries like Schwesig. These were able to throw a whole lot into the scales on the subject of climate protection. "The topic of renewable energies are pioneers in many areas", said Gunther. With targeted investments, the hydrogen sector can be expanded.

In addition, the place of the conference fit: the energy company APEX Energy Teterov plans to develop and use a wide variety of hydrogen technologies, from the production of hydrogen to the production of fuel cells as well as tank and storage systems. A coarse network-coupled hydrogen power plant is intended to provide grune energy for industry and commerce, housing societies, housing companies, for public transport or caching of control energy as a flare energy project from autumn of this year.

This will have an electrolysis capacity of two megawatts for cleavage of water in water and oxygen. In order to be produced in terms of course from renewable energy sources up to 300 tonnes of hydrogen. Overall, the complex will have an annual capacity of 16 Gigawatt hours.

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