Nearly 500.000 vehicles: tesla sets up new delivery record

Nearly 500.000 vehicles: tesla sets up new delivery record

The electric car manufacturer Tesla communicated to Twitter, in 2020 a total of 499.550 vehicles sold to have. Thus, despite the effects of corona on production, the company remained just under its own target of 500.000 vehicles.

Previous record exercised

Elon Musk had called his employees again shortly before the end of the year to the final spurt. Obviously with success: in the last quarter of the year 2020, the manufacturer according to own information with a paragraph of 180.570 vehicles the previous record value of almost 140.000 From the third quarter again clearly surpassed.

Musk looked really satisfied on Twitter and spoke of a "significant milestone."In the first time of the company, he himself had hardly a survival opportunity of 10 percent.

At the beginning of the year, production started in the so-called Gigafactory 3 in China, in which to be built once about half a million cars per year. In the Brandenburg Grunheide, the company is currently building a factory in which from July should start production.

High price gain of the share

Also on the share price, the notification was expected as expected. At the end of the year, the Tesla share had already adopted with a new final record from US trade. So closed the share on 31. December 2020 with 705.67 dollars as high as never. With a course gain of around 740 percent over the full year, Tesla all shares in the INDEX SP 500, in which the automaker has been listed since December 2020. Further data on the fourth quarter has not communicated Tesla so far. In this context, the manufacturer refers to his yet imminent earnings call.

The rapidly rising stock price is also noticeable at Tesla boss Elon Musk: Meanwhile, the 49-year-olds according to a billionARS index of the financial service provider Bloomberg with a calculated went to $ 110 billion of the most third-rich people in the world – by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Microsoft Grunder Bill Gates and before Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

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