Nationwide control of highway control systems

Nationwide control of highway control systems

In Dresden’s previous tunnel exercise, there is currently one of two switching centers nationwide for the "intelligent highway". From the beginning of the next year, a nationwide electronic control system on Germany’s highways for fewer traffic jams and more security should provide.

Objective: Better coordination

Unlike so far, the control systems on highways should no longer be controlled by each federal state individually. In the past, it was often the fact that motorists were sent directly into a traffic jam, which was behind a national border. This should be better coordinated better. Together with a central office (Network Operation Center) in Frankfurt am Main, 189 highway champion companies and approximately 40 traffic control centers and non-busts are networked digitally.

The goal is a nationwide traffic control, which is routed from two locations. In Dresden, 34 employees are copyrighted, in Frankfurt am Main 12 professionals. Dresden had prevailed in a nationwide competition against numerous competitors. Saxony’s head of government Michael Kretschmer (CDU) spoke of a long preliminary work, Saxony was in the top of the subject of digitization.

Start January 2021

The electronic guide is developed by the Sachsian State Office for Strahbau and Traffic. The basis is a nationwide glass fiber network that can transfer enormous amounts of data at the same time. "Then we will have data cables nationwide for the first time, next to the 13.000 kilometers of highway installed and connected together, "says federal ministries abrasion abrasion. The network should be operational from the end of September and on the 1. January 2021 officially start to start. Around 35 million euros lends in the construction.

Traffic control system has been in Germany for quite some time. About 25 years ago, the first traffic control center went to Saxony on the net. A system that has saved since then: Motorists are not only pointed to dangers such as unfalls, fog or smooth. The variable speed limit is also much more likely accepted as commutations emphasized.

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