Myanmar: one year internet lock – people do not know about covid-19

Myanmar: one year internet lock - people do not know about covid-19

Human rights activists have prompted myanmar’s government to stop San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Trading Traditional Aung San Suu Kyi to immediately end a Internet blockade existing for more than one year in parts of the country. Due to the Internet bombing since the summer of 2019, there are people in the affected areas of the states of Rakhine and Chin, who did not know about the worldwide Corona Pandemic, reports Human Rights Watch.

The blockade complicates the distribution of auxiliary guidance and reporting on struggle in the region, quote the human rights activists. Human Rights Watch therefore demands an immediate end.

One year without internet access

In June 2019, four Telecommunications companies had encapsulated access to the Internet in a total of eight communities in the conflict region, upon request of the Communication Ministry,. In the region, Islamic rebels and militar, hundreds of thousands of the Muslim minority of the Rohingya have been evidenced for many years, have already fled to fear of brutal violence by the army since 2017 in the neighboring country Bangladesh. The United Nations speak of Volkermord. In some of the affected regions, the internet was released in the meantime, but then blocked again in the early year.

Customized possible end

A few days before the anniversary of the start of the internet blockade, the Ministry of Commeriction had suggested that the blocking could end in August. At least, a renewed blockade distribution to the providers was up to 1. August limited as the Myanmar Times had reported. At the same time, a high-ranking representative of the Ministry had explained that access to the Internet has been released, "If there are no dangers more for the publicity and no injuries of telecommunication laws".

The newspaper also quotes the deputies and be doing Thar, who says the blockade has done more damage than she helped. Almost all parliamentarians were the demand for their end.

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