Macos, ios and tvos betas reference new devices

Macos, ios and tvos betas reference new devices

Apple’s new beta versions of iOS, TVOS and Macos presented this week include information on previously unavailable devices or changes in the name of the hardware. So the Leak expert discovered Filipe Esposito in iOS 14.5 Beta 5 a direct hint on the code name for Apple’s coming iPad chip, the "A14x". It’s from "13g" talking about a new GPU; From 13g in turn, it is known that this is the name of the graphic unit in the articles of name in Apple’s name convention "A14x" he had to be. Of the "A14x" Based in turn on the T8103, Apple’s code name for the M1 chip in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

Four iPads with codenamen

The information covered with findings of the developer Steve Moser, who also "13g"-Counters in the beta and direct evidence of so far illuminated iPads with the code names J517, J518, J522 and J523. Apple was again able to bring at least two iPad pro variants with 11- and 12.9-inch screen on the market, which could appear in April. In addition to faster chips, they should also have a mini LED display for the first time – at least at the 12.9-inch variant. Also the camera is probably improved and the USB-C port is allegedly first Thunderbolt-Hahig.

Siri Remote says Chuss

There are also news from the Multimediabox Apple TV. Here is Apple in the Funkten TVOS Beta 14.5 The designation of the remote control of "Siri Remote" on "Apple TV Remote". In addition, the home knob is now called "TV button". Whether this indicates new devices or just a name clear, remains to be seen – the Apple TV 4K has been waiting for a rough superhaul for a long time.

iMac with two variants

In the Macos 11.3 Beta 5 findings are finding references to two new all-in-one machines. These are expected for the first time with Apple-Silicon chip. Of 9To5Mac, the unknown models were spotted iMac21.1 and iMac21.2. The Codenamen is probably J456 and J457. Which form factors you have is unclear – so far is speculated by a new look and new colors.

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