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Iphone could 'chinese' will'komplett chinesisch' werden'komplett chinesisch' werden

In order to meet the art commodity wars between the US and China, Apple is apparently planning to build a complete supply chain alone from Chinese companies. This reports the electronic complex appearing in Taiwan Digitimes. According to the declaration, Apple is currently "aggressive" In doing so, find more finished ones who are completely in Chinese possession. That does not apply for the most important factories in China for the large iPhone producer, which is almost all important factories in China, but actually Taiwan.

First takeover attempts

The fact that Apple uses more in Chinese suppliers already indicated: the Chinese AirPods producer in the short summor was a complete iPhone factory of Wistron from Taiwan. Originally, the producer would also want to take the important Apple component-ready Catcher Technology this summer, which builds, among other, metal housing for the iPhone – what failed due to the high price in June. Other important Apple component manufacturers from Taiwan continue to be on Luxshares Ubernahmalist.

Everything from a Chinese hand

Apple’s strategy seems to be double-track. Thus, the Group in the Chinese government showed that an iPhone completely made in China is possible – by which even including memory, display and SOC. If it came again to the gross trading dispute with the US, Apple could probably move out of the affairs. The second reason is the cost: Apple has a slim and cost-effective supply chain, but also pays prices for Western companies from Taiwan, Japan and Sudkorea.

Deglobialization of the iPhone supply chain

More and more governments are also reflected in the fact that products are also manufactured in the home for the domestic market. This applies about for India where Apple is also there to build a coarse infrastructure through its paver. The Group wants to diversify its complete production possible. Currently goes without China on iPhone, iPad, Mac Co. almost nothing, only the Mac Pro is ended in the US, but gets his components but from the Far East.

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