Iphone 12 5g: apple is going to “hi, speed”-event

Iphone 12 5g: apple is going to 'hi, speed'-event'hi, speed'-event'hi, speed'-event

After an unusual autumn, Apple has apparently felt the appointment for the appearance of the next iPhone generation: On Tuesday evening, the Group sent a letter of invitation for a media event on the 13th. October in Cupertino. However, there will be no prasenz event again, but a pure online event starting at 7 pm Central European time (10 o’clock local time) and over Apple.Com and other channels streamed on the internet. The iPhone manufacturer was once again able to radiate a recording – a live buoyant printer is not to be expected.

"Hi, Speed" 5g

Apple holds like a covers, which will give it to that Tuesday. Only the name of the event indicates: he reads "Hi, Speed". This meant the 5g support for the first time at the iPhone was allowed to surf so far Apple smartphone users only with LTE speed. The broken box calculates with the idea of at least four "iPhone 12"-Models. Two of them should be beginner variants ("iPhone 12 Mini" and "iPhone 12") – You probably come with 5.4 and 6.1 inches coarse screen.

In addition, the Group plans two pro variants of 6.1 and 6.7 inches ("iPhone 12 Pro" and "iphone 12 per max"To). These probably come with a better camera equipment. 5.4 and 6.7 inches are new form factors for Apple; Also, the look of the equipment should be easily reversed and remembering the iPad Pro.

Further surprises

It is also conceivable that Apple presents his first arm Mac. The company had announced to introduce such a machine to the market again this year. There are also news about the audio area. This is a smaller homepod as well as high-end headhorass, the airpods studio.

Apple has advanced an iPad and Apple watch event this year in September and introduces the iPhones in the series in October. Nevertheless, they should come to trade fairly in a timely manner, the iPhone Apple’s most important article in the Christmas business. Mac I will report as always with a live sticker from the Keynote.

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