Ios 14.4.2: surprising security update for ios 14 and ios 12

Ios 14.4.2: surprising security update for ios 14 and ios 12

Apple has on Friday evening "Important security updates" Published by iOS: for iPhone and iPad owners is iOS and iPados in version 14.4.2 and iOS 12.5.2 ready for download. The latter is intended for certain alter ipad model series as well as primarily iPhone 6 and 5s, for the Apple continues to provide updates for particularly serious vulnerabilities. The manufacturer recommends all users installation.

Parallel is also Watchos in version 7.3.3 available for installation. IOS 13 Receive no more updates, users should update on iOS 14.

Second IOS security update in Marz

It’s already the second security patch for iOS in Marz. iOS 14.4.1 stuffed a heavy vulnerability in Apple’s Browser Engine Webkit, which allows a remote attacker to allow the infiltration of harmful code when calling a manipulated website. Here, however, no update for iOS 12 was included.

Which bugs and security jagging iOS 14.4.2, iOS 12.5.2 and Watchos 7.3.3 spaces, remains unclear for the time being. It is to be amed that the updates loses loft, which may already be used actively in attacks. An immediate importing of the new versions seems recommended.

The corresponding information on stuffed vulnerabilities and the corresponding CVE numbers has not yet published Apple to the editorial deadline, they were allowed to follow in the further course of Friday night – at the beginning commitment only in the English-language version of the Support document.

iOS 14.5 follows soon soon

In parallel, Apple has been testing the next largest update for iOS 14: Version 14 for several weeks.5 brings a number of important innovations, including the option to unlock iPhones via Apple Watch – practically when wearing a face mask, the Face ID does not put an overall. The update is designed to implement Apple’s tracking transparency initiative: Apps have to obtain permission for advertising tracking then. All details about the new features of iOS 14.5 Read in Mac I Ie 2/2021, from the 8. April is.

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