Intel cpu “alder lake-s”: 16-kerners with ddr5-sdram in benchmark database

Intel cpu 'alder lake-s': 16-kerners with ddr5-sdram in benchmark database'alder lake-s': 16-kerner mit ddr5-sdram in benchmark-datenbank'alder lake-s': 16-kerner mit ddr5-sdram in benchmark-datenbank

Already since the summer 2020 diving in online benchmark databases again and again entrance to Intel’s coming desktop processor ereration ALDER LAKE-S alias Core I-12000 – The first desktop series with 10 nanometer technology. In the case of a new run at Sisoftware Sandra, DDR5-SDRAM is now also used, and the clock frequencies are largely.

The processor tested is a 16-kernel. Intel relies on the Alder-Lake series on hybrid computing with a mixture of eight rough covensive and smaller, but with low load more efficient atomic power ranges. Consequently, the software reads 24 threads: The coarse CPU cores dominate hyper-threading, the little ones.

Much L2 cache and DDR5-SDRAM

Only the information in the read ID yields less sense: there are 32 threads and 10 × 1.25 MBE level 2 cache. That was allowed to lie on the different CPU cores, as Sisoftware Sandra does not know the hybrid approach of desktop processors simply. 1.25 MB of L2 cache Pro Cove core, so eight times, appear with a view of the mobile processor ereration Tiger Lake probably. The atomic cores are traditionally begging with a fraction.

Unlike early entry, Sisoftware Sandra now also has DDR5- instead of DDR4-SDRAM. The speech is of 4.8 GHz, ie DDR5-4800 – the lower end of what is to go on the market in the second half of the year on modules.

For early test results DDR4 could be read out for false or Alder Lake can handle both memory standards. In case of transition generations, this was not surprising, but is questionable, what Intel will offer with the upcoming LGA1700 platform. DDR5 was allowed to stand in the focus.

Meanwhile, the CPU clock frequencies increase: the base clock is still low with stated 1.8 GHz, but the Turbo has reached the 4 GHz mark. Pre-series models traditionally lower than the final retail processors. Even by the end of the year, Intel Alder Lake-S intends to introduce – the emerging test results fit in the time.

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