Google: appeal against prohibition of cooperation with health ministry

Google: appeal against prohibition of cooperation with health ministry

The US Group Google defends itself in Germany against the premier prohibition of cooperation with the Federal Government with an online health portal. The Higher Regional Court of Munchen confirmed on Tuesday on request of the DPA that Google had appealed against a corresponding judgment.

Media Hauser looked like a disadvantage

The Internet company shared with the DPA, one is still in the exam, whether and which legal maws you want to take in the course of the fragment procedure. "For this reason, we have initiated steps, which give us a coarse temporal scope for such a decision."

Core of the dispute: For Google searches for diseases or complaints, an info box of the portal was healthy at the prominent, which is responsible by the Ministry of Health under Resort Chef Jens Spahn (CDU). Media Hauser fired disadvantages because they also operate health portals on the Internet. The Group Hubert Burda Media had a subsidiary, the health portal NetDoctor.DE, succeeded in front of the district court Munchen.

A cartel violation

In February, the judges prohibited cooperation and gave ways for interim borrowing against the Federal Republic and the US Group mainly. The court evaluated the whole as an cartel violation. The agreement restrict the competition. Google then removed the info boxes.

The Ministry had announced to prize the decision. Multiple DPA requests for possible further steps love it unanswered. At the Higher Regional Court, Google went out no further appeal, as a court spokesman further announced. Dates for the further process give it no.

With the portal, the media regulators currently manage. The Medienanstalt Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein has a internal procedure against Google in mid-December. It is increasing whether the prominent presentation will be discriminated against other journalistic editorial offers from the subject of health. The federal government is not process opponents.

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