Glass fiber: deutsche bahn wants to complete networking of your routes

Glass fiber: deutsche bahn wants to complete networking of your routes

Deutsche Bahn has now initiated first steps for further networking of your route network with fiber optic cables. She is now looking for appropriate companies through a procurement procedure for the project, which still pending 13.Cab lubricate 400 km. That should be completed in seven years.

So far, around 20 are around 20.000 km glass fiber cable laid along its routes. So far, she only uses a small part itself, unused capacity leases she. The self-demand was allowed to rise soon, because the train wants to upload digitally up to 2035 translucent positions. Many of them have to be served with the hand.

The last halting removal of the fiber optic net die on criticism in the Bundestag opposition. "The train had already used the existing route network much more than the laying of fiber optic connections and thus can supply millions of households and companies", said the Left Bundestag member Victor Perli recently. "It threatens years of delays if there are legal processes due to the procurement procedure."

Fast Internet FURS Land

In addition to digitizing your own network, the train wants to help with the glass fibers to provide rural areas with fast internet. The potential partners of the train should use the infrastructure for this purpose. In doing so, expensed plan approval procedures accounted for, shared the train with .

The procurement method provides for fiber optic cables and possibly cable guide systems along 10.100 kilometers rails to lay. Because of them 1900 kilometers were collected in parallel, they could be developed together; The potential partners should supply about 8200 kilometers with fiberglass. About 3300 more kilometers, the DB wants to expand until 2024 yourself.

Two cables should be laid in the cable fuel systems. Interested companies can first apply for a framework agreement with the DB network. In the case of the selected framework partners, the entire expansion network or individual expansion routes should be awarded.

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