Facebook news starts in germany – cooperation with publishers

Facebook news starts in germany - cooperation with publishers

Facebook increases in the news business, at least the social network cooperates with numerous publishers and offers their contents in a separate feed. Facebook news should be one "Dedicated place for journalistic content" will. In May we start in Germany, in the US and Great Britain the service is already running, more Landers should follow.

To the publishers who provide their contents to the social network, the time, the mirror, Funke Media Group, Gruner + Year, the Handelsblatt Group, numerous regional media partners, Conde Nast, Sport1 and also heise media. According to Facebook, there are more than 100 media brands overall.

Curated and personalized news

The links shown on Facebook News drove directly to the publishers. For users the content is curated and personalized. "Additionally to the most important headlines and stories of the day receive readers proposed on their personal interests, based on the news they read, share and subscribe", it is called in the blog post. The aim is to support publishers and editors to attract new readers and expand their business model in the long term.

Heise Media CDo Falko Ossmann says: "Our brands are unique in IT journalism in their independence and technical depth. We are very excited about how this content is used on Facebook News. Our goal is to take new target groups together with Facebook to inspire you for our premium products like Heise +, Heise Security Pro and the Heise Academy."

Facebook must also pay in Australia publishers for content. After the dispute over the media law scheduled there, the social network was first blocked all news pages. Now the law in the sense of Facebooks is still changed and unclearly eliminated the negotiations with publishers. Nevertheless, it remains that fails will be paid, what Facebook according to your own statements also for correct support. Google offers notified news from cooperating publishers, as well as news showcase selected here under the name News Showcase.

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