Electric cars: which county has the best loading net?

Electric cars: which county has the best loading net?

The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) wants to irritate municipalities to create more loading facilities for electric cars. He has set up a shop ranking with two ratings. It should "The attractiveness for the change to e-mobitat and the density of the publicly access network for E cars", as the VDA expresses it.

In the attractiveness value, the district wins rain. There is a public E-loading point available for 310 cars. Front are also Wolfsburg (358), Passau (403), Landau in the Palatinate (418) and Regensburg (434). Lights are Celle with 9947 approved cars to an e-loading point, the Prignitz with 15.188 and the city of Krefeld, in almost 24.000 cars come to a publicly accessible e-loading point.

How many e-cars share a charging point

With the division value, how many approved E cars must be shared a public charge point. Here, too, the district of rain wins with 1.9 E-cars per beneficial charging point, followed by the district of Freyung-Grafenau (2.8,) of the city Salzgitter (3), the KyfFhauserkreis (3.2) and the Uckermark (3, 3). At the last burst, Kassel (68), Weimar (69), Wuppertal (78), Stuttgart (88) and Krefeld (199).

Electric cars in Germany

Electric cars: which county has the best loading net?

Volkswagen has been returning since September 2020 with the ID.3 the first electrical car of its coarse offensive on the e-sector.

"In order to achieve the state-intensive goal of one million charging points by 2030, around 2000 new public charging points per week are well-known. Currently, only about 200 new charging points are installed in the publicly accessible area", Comments VDA Prasidente Hildegard Muller. Currently came in Germany every month 50.000 new e-cars on the strain. "All new e-cars have to load themselves, otherwise we can not reach the required climate goals", Does the VDA Prasidentine say.

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