Electric cars: consumer center reminds operator of charging stations

Electric cars: consumer center reminds operator of charging stations

Because customers can not sufficiently see how much they cost electricity-car-based electricity, the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV) has warned the operator of charging stations. He raises them to have violated due to intransparent cost design against the price reference regulation.

The provider "Digital Charging Solutions" and "Plugsurfing" Had the current refueling billed after time, the VZBV announced. Consumer protections see in it a violation of the price relevance, which requires a kilowatt hour as a quantity unit for the working price.

Compare prices not possible

A price paid after time is not a relation to the delivered amount of energy, the VZBV says. The charging time depends, among other things, from the dispensing power of the charging panels, the state of charge and the capacitance of the batteries in the electric vehicles and from the AUB temperature. If billed after time, customers did not know how much they have to pay for a kilowatt hour of electricity; Also they could not compare prices. A third, charging current provider not renamed by VZBV was warned because customers have to pay for him different prices without the cause of it being apparent.

According to VZBV, Digital Charging Solutions has submitted a sub-long declaration and changed its price system to a billing after kilowatt hours. Plugsurfing did not abandon the required underscoring, so the VZBV complained at the Landgericht Berlin (AZ. 16 O 352/20). The mileage procedure against the third provider is still open.

The loading infrastructure serves auto-corners as an argument, against the purchase of a battery electric vehicle operated. The Bundeskartellamt adopted this summer of the topic. Federal Traffic Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to use for more transparency and acceptance. He strives for a Europe-wide uniform payment system FURS electric load and hydrogen refueling. This is quite in the sense of the VZBV. The calls for a standardized interface for data determination.

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