Ebay was able to bring back despite profit from sudkorea

Ebay was able to bring back despite profit from sudkorea

Sudkorean media report that eBay puts his local subsidiary for sale. The Financial Institutions Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley should sell eBay Korea to a probable value of up to 5 trillion WON (about 3.7 billion euros) to a foreign investor. The good buying conversion will already be prepared. eBay Korea itself refers to the reports as "ungrounded clearance".

That reports Korea News Plus. According to the newspaper The Korea Economic Daily Ebay has been around for the Korean daughter for the Korean daughter for two years. So far, it has not yet become concrete due to the requested purchase price.

Entry into 2001 with supposition

Ebay has increased in 2001 with the supersence of the Sudkorean online auction house Internet Auction in the local market. Purchase price were 120 million US dollars. In 2009, Ebay has then entered Sudkoreas GRABTER e-commerce platform GMarket. While GMarket focused on female clients at the age of 20 to 40 years, eBay themselves focuses with digital products on a man’s clientele of around 30 to 50 years. As Korea Economic Daily reports, eBay was in the country with 70 percent market share the big e-commerce platform.

Numerous newcomers have braked eBay’s growth. Competitors such as Coupang, TMON and WEMAKEprice have established their own logistics and sending products sold themselves, while eBay and GMARKET continue to pursue the classic auction concept. In doing so, the company sales of independent providers who pay for the listing of their offers and then send the goods themselves.

The only profitable operator

Ebay Korea was able to increase its turnover of 951.8 billion Won in 2017 to 1.6 trillion WON 2020. But the operating profit stagnated at around 62 billion won. Some market observers keep Ebay Korea for an attractive excess candidate as it is the only well-known e-commerce platform in Korea, the profit generated. After transaction volume, eBay, including GMarket is only the third-grobte e-commerce platform Korea.

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