Dispute over ecg patents: alivecor calls for us import stop for apple watch

Dispute over ecg patents: alivecor calls for us import stop for apple watch

The company ALIVECOR gives your patent dispute with Apple: With a complaint at the United States International Trade Commission of the United States ITC (International Trade Commission) AliveCor now also wants to achieve an import ban for the Apple Watch in the USA. Apple violates by selling the SmartWatch Three patents to detect cardiac arrhythmia.

ECG function integrated in Apple Watch

Apple consciously copied the protected technology, it is called in ALIVECOR’s communication, also trials of the Group, the competitors in the demand of cardiac arrhythmia meetings "eliminate". AliveCor had originally developed a bracelet with integrated ECG function and medical attributive specifically for the Apple Watch and brought on the market.

About two years after the entry of the 230 euros expensive "Cardia" Apple presented Apple Watch Series 4 with 1-channel ECG integrated directly into the SmartWatch – and also brought medical at the same time in many regions. Since then, Watchos has also listened to the heart rhythm sight on old Apple watchs, on which the cardia band was designed for which the cardia band was designed.

Action against Apple already runs

AliveCor has already strained in the US at the end of December 2020 a lawsuit against the iPhone Group because of the alleged patent injuries and wants to take more legal action. A complaint with the US trade commission is likelied in patent disputes: The authority is committed to a case very much faster than a case as a court, at the same time the threat with an import stop will bring the opposite side to the negotiating table and lead to a possibly lucrative superstructure agreement.

An actual import and thus in this case ultimately sales stop for the Apple Watch imported in China and imported into the USA, however, is considered unlikely: last tried about Qualcomm in 2018 to achieve an iPhone import stop in the US, this was made by the US federal federal doctors but referring to "Factors of public interest" declined.

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