Apple instead of intel chips: adobe sees “smooth changeover” at mac

Apple instead of intel chips: adobe sees 'smooth changeover' at mac'reibungslose umstellung' beim mac'reibungslose umstellung' beim mac

Adobe has drawn an intermediate fitting to Apple’s youngest processor architecture change at the Mac. Due to the growing number of functions in Photoshop, the new compile for Macs with Apple’s arm-based processors at the beginning "slightly in-depth" have been a Photoshop product manager now. "Fortunately" But be the Intel version of image editing by Apple’s translation layer Rosetta from the beginning "Reliable and fast" run on the new M1 macs, so you could gradually dedicate yourself to the episode and optimization.

Photoshop on M1 Macs 50 percent faster

Especially Apple’s developer tools for one "Seamless change" taken care of how Mark Dahm, Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, in the interview with Computerworld clarified. You have to focus on fixing the problems in your own code instead of "Pengal tools" might.

About four months after the launch of the first MACs with Apple chip, Adobe has published a native version of Photoshop last week after a long betaphase. These run on MacBooks with M1-chip by around 50 percent faster than on a comparably configured process model, as Mark Dahm, Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, opposed opposite Computerworld. You have in close cooperation with Apple "specialized optimizations" Implementing can be implemented to reach the performance jump and will continue fine tuning, so Dahm.

Customers expect native apps

The new compilation of coarse applications certainly requires an investment from the developer, but quickly expect a power jump, the Adobe Manager. Customers have expected their software to ride natively on the arm Macs. The software channel for Apple chips should be a trusted developer for the Mac "smooth" get lost. In addition to Photoshop Adobe also offers Lightroom in a native catch for Arm Macs, Premiere Pro, Rush and Audition is available as a beta. Other Creative Cloud apps should follow.

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