Android: original qualcomm-socs could make long updates

Android: original qualcomm-socs could make long updates

Google and chip manufacturers Qualcomm work on improvements to the update process of Android advised. Kunft Snapdragon SOCs should be measured thanks to amendments to Project Treble long updates without hanging the chipset software.

The innovations will succeed Google in a blog entry. Accordingly, chip manufacturers do not want to adapt their art-based SOC implementations to stably when new Android versions and security patches are published.

Project Treble

Google had presented Project Treble 2017. The restructuring of the Android architecture should accelerate the update process of Android phones. Google has a "Vendor Interface" as an interface between the device-specific drivers and the manufacturer-independent Android system. This is how mobile manufacturers can easily update the Android superstructure without having to modify the device-specific part – for that chip finishes like Qualcomm are responsible.

Since Project Treble had to be Qualcomm and Co. Customize your SOC implementation individually to any software version. On the other hand, chip manufacturers should cover multiple Android versions with a single implementation, Google explores in the blog entry. Four Android versions and four years of security updates should be allowed to. Because the delivery version of Android is paid, Google means three Android updates. Flagships from Samsung or Google’s pixel phones promise that already.

It is open, however, whether the Past Project Treble will actually have a lane impact for users of Android smartphones: Ultimately, it is still due to the respective smartphone manufacturers to provide their equipment with updates – but the built-in chips should be aft make a smaller obstacle.

The innovations are designed for the first time with the Snapdragon 888 collection, reports ARS Technica. Even processors lower price ranges should be obtained, but already published devices do not benefit from it. Whether in addition to Qualcomm other chip finisher will be unclear.

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